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Jan 9, 2017
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I am putting up a big duck pen
(32x40). Trying to figure out if 1 inch wire is safe enough. I will be getting some pretty $$$$ ducks. On my pheasant pens I have 1/2 wire on the panels and the top is 1 inch netting. Could a weasel fit though a 1 inch hole?
What do y’all think?


Aug 14, 2018
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The only weasel that could fit through a hole that size would be a mouse weasel- they can fit through 1/4-inch openings. But they're tiny and can't hurt large chickens, but probably young chicks.


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Jan 8, 2017
Um a weasel can take down something 10 times their size. Plus, they go crazy when killing and can take out a flock if they like. They are attracted to movement. They might not be able to drag it back to their den, but they definitley can take a chicken down. Weasels can get into anything that a mouse can go. With that said, your other wire is not weasel proof. However, I don't have 1/4" hw cloth in my run either. But, my ducks coop is safe as well as the chicken coop from all predators. I'm not saying a weasel couldn't take them down during the day, but it is what it is. At least they will have had a good life. My fence can withstand any other predator in my area though plus as an added bonus, I have it wrapped with a hot wire. :)


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I've never heard of a mouse weasel. The Least Weasel is the smallest weasel in the world and they'll kill every bird in a building - no matter how big.
Mink can also get through a 1" opening and will do the same damage if not worse.
I know. Mink killed $4,000 worth of my chickens in a week.
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Herding ducks and Wrangling chickens
Jan 8, 2017
Even the least weasel can be up to 8 ounces in size and 10 times their weight would be a good sized chicken.
If you type in "mouse" weasel in a search engine, the least weasel pops up. (Pop goes the weasel... lol I crack myself up!) :gig
If one is worried about any weasel, then 1/4" opening is the largest opening that you can go.
My coops are sealed to those specifications, but not the run. Depending on how big the run is, it would be a costly project for sure. But, that is the only way to fully protect against the smallest predators.
I've read many threads where they created "fort knox" of coops and runs and still had an issue somewhere with predators. :idunno


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Sep 13, 2016
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I had a weasel attack a few months ago and was fortunate to be able to get out to the run before any hens were seriously injured and, thankfully, the weasel ran off instead of continuing to attack (as I didn't have a weapon on me). My sister screaming from the window didn't deter it one bit but as I rounded the corner it took off. The night the attack happened I had gotten lazy about locking the girls up, but haven't made that mistake again. That's why I decided to spend the extra money on 1/4" hardware cloth in my new coop. They've only been in there a little over a month but so far no problems (knock on wood!!). I should add that the new coops are in our barn, but a predator like a weasel or raccoon could get inside. If the cops were outside I would (and am still considering) adding hot wire.

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