What Strange Things Have You Ate??


13 Years
Jul 1, 2010
Northeast Texas
I know people that if it isn't beef, chicken, fish or pork, they won't eat it. I have eaten armadillo, raccoon, squirrel, wild duck, wild goose, crawfish, alligator, frog legs, escargo(snails), whitetail deer, elk, rabbit-domestic and wild. What have you eaten that some people might consider off the charts?
Alligator and Calimari.
Nothing too crazy! LOL!
lemme see here: lamb, veal, duck, goose, pheasant, squid, eel, frog legs, deer, buffalo, sushi, sashimi, couscous ... had the chance to try rattlesnake but wasn't so adventurous back then. Still to try: quail, squab, gator, rattlesnake, goat, rabbit, guinea, squirrel. On my want-to-try list: bear, elk, moose.

Crawdads are considered "exotic"? If so, add that to my list. Ya know, I think armadillo is about the only critter I don't have a recipe for.
Not exotic but everyone seems to hate it... liverwurst. I don't know why but I love it. Usually once a year is enough, around Christmas.

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