What the hatch is going on at the Purple's house??? UPDATE-100% HATCH


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12 Years
Apr 6, 2007
My bator in the Harry Potter closet.
(The light in the bator is a reflection from the flash).
Notice my baby plants? They are getting so big. Soon they'll
have to move out into the garden but that is for another post.

We started with 25 eggs. I cracked one on day 1 while putting in bator.
So far we have 9 chicks and the other eggs are pipping or peeping. I only opened the
bator once to take out the first 9. They were going crazy in there.


Their trip via cardboard box to the bator. Daddy Drumstick is so proud.


Explaining to the 3 week old silkies they are going to have company

The 3 week old silkies being evil and picking on the chicks

Had to set up a second brooder cage. The silkies got the penthouse.

Chick carpet

Look into my eyes... Do my will you stupid human...
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Yea yea. Kiss her cute little fuzzy butt... That's Party. She's a hoot.
The silkes really can go out in the big brooder in the barn but when I try
to bring them out strange pains shoot through my body. I don't get it.

Wildsky, the Brinsea is amazing. 38C dead on all the time. I had
to add two napkins that wicked water to increase humidity to 65%
but it holds steady there too. THis is my second hatch in it and the first
birds to actually hatch in it. The first batch hatched out in one of my LGs.

I have 16 Buckeye & 12 silkie eggs waiting to go in when this hatch is complete.

25 Hens in coop 1
9 roos in coop 2
4 picked to death Blue Orps and EE's in the big brooder growing feathers back
3 silkie chicks
+ up to 24 new RIR/BR crosses.

Oh, by the way, the RIR/BR chicks are color sexable according to the people I
got them from.
Some are Black (Hens)
Some are black w/white (Hens)
Some are red (hens)
The yellow striped ones are males.

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