What the heck?? Found red/black colored bugs underneath a block of wood that i used as a stand for m


6 Years
Jun 3, 2013
Los Angeles
Anyone know what could they be?? There was some in their bedding too.. I can post some pictures, but they are bad quality pics

My phone just wouldnt focus...dang blueberries(blackberry)...

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That's awful, will your chicks eat them?

I dont even know...I just noticed them today after i was cleaning their wood shaving bedding. Im not doubting they have though. Do you know if its bad??? LOL why am i worrying about if they ate them or not when termites could be infesting my home T___T

Took me a while.. but i found a picture on google. They are those flying termites without their wings....are they really bad?? Will my house be infested with termites now?
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