What the heck type of bantam are they?


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They're about 6 weeks old.


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:-( I was so afraid someone would say Dark Cornish. I got 30 Hatchery's Choice bantams and so far I have 5 white cornish and 5 red laced cornish. I don't find cornish hens particularly attractive. Then today I was looking at these guys, of which I have 7, and it dawned on me that they looked a little cornishy as well. <sigh>
Don't jump into conclusions based on one reply.

What type of comb do they have? What was their color pattern as a chick?

They could be Gold Laced Wyandottes, too.
what kind of comb do they have? My first thought when I saw them was gold-laced wyandotte - looks like my GLW chick that is about the same age. GLW have a rose comb, which on a 6 week old chick would be pretty flat.

I'm no expert, though.
Those chicks do look stockier than my chick.
Regardless of comb, a chipmunk striped chick, and even now with the white tipping on those young feathers - All points to a partridge/dark colored Cornish.
Look like Cornish to me. Funny thing is, you may not find them attractive at the moment. But they may grow on you. I used to dislike Oriental gamefowl, I may of even said "I'd never own one".. I now have a Shamo after hearing about them/doing research, and dream of getting more. Now, I still think Ga ho's are ugly, odd little elephantitis chickens.. But I'd like to get some of them as well if they ever popped up in the US or I had the time/money to import.


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