What things have you done to make you look crazy?

Chicks R Friends NOT Food

10 Years
Feb 15, 2009
Chariho RI
I was walking home from school yesterday and I had my cell on speakerphone as I was talking to my sister. It was pretty well hidden in my hand, so it looked like I was just walking, talking to my hand. I got a few funny looks from that one.

What about you?
Screaming at a telephone receiver
Lunch break....

Turn up the radio and dance to a good song........

On my school bus up and down the aisle.... Parked along the sidewalk right next to a great little park......



Dress up for Halloween as the Grim Reaper....

I was driving the senior bus

HEY they got a kick out of it
Well I talk to my chickens..
Everytime I go outside 'HIYA CHICK CHICKS!'

I also do some things Id rather not repeat cause they are so silly

About a year ago....

Flies were bothering the horses like mad. Nothing was working so I grabbed my fly flap, went out, and commenced to swatting flies off the horses. Some man and woman come driving down our dirtroad and I looked up to see them looking at me like I was absolutly insane! LOL They probably thought I was abusing the horses! LOL
People will as me if they can get ahold of me on a social networking site. I tell them "No, I don't have time for it. I'm on this chicken forum and I spend a few hours a day on it." I generally get patted on the head and told "That's okay, you're still cute." Yes really.
My thoughts exactly!!

Seeming crazy is the easy part. It's acting normal that's the kicker!!

I've had the discussion with DH several times on how I should behave if I should get stopped by the cops, suspected of driving under the influence.
Walk a straight line without falling over? Not with this pair of legs!
Recite the alphabet without singing it? Not a chance and even if I could I'd leave out the Q.
Not be rolling on the ground with laughter cuz I always laugh when nervous? Ain't gonna happen!
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I'm a Renaissance Faire combat re-enactor.

I have charged down a street dressed like a barbarian waving a 5' long sword above my head screaming 'what's in your wallet?'

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