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    I'm wondering how to beneficially use my chicken manure without a smell. In my old coop I used the deep litter method and when I cleaned it out, my compost pile stunk and I can't do that to my neighbors again. My new coop has a sand floor. Every day or two I use my pitchfork with hardware cloth to clean out the coop. So far I have been collecting it in a garbage can. If I keep it dry, it doesn't seem to smell, but once it gets wet it smells. I have made some "tea" which doesn't smell bad in the yard, but it takes time and is kinda gross. Are there any other suggestions?

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    Rather than collecting a large and cumbersome amount, why not just bury it, in smaller amounts, whenever you collect it?

    Manure tossed into a shallow pit and covered with just 2" of soil won't smell and it will still benefit the deeper roots of trees, shrubs and the like. There simply isn't anything better for feeding plants. You can also pit compost. Excavate a trench or pit as big as needed. Pile up the soil and save it. Each time you toss the manure into the pit, shovel an inch or two over the manure. Done.

    This is basically the Army field latrine methodology. The dirt from the new hole covers the old hole method.
  3. JanetS

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    Jun 22, 2012
    We put ours in a compost bin to be used in the vegetable garden later.
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    May 19, 2013
    Hi, I use pdz in the coop and sand/dirt in the run, I have a scoop to clean with. I put the poo in a coffee can and take it
    to the garden everyday where I just dug a little hole and bury it.

    I thought for cleaning up stuff like straw or hay etc... I would use yard waste bags and let the city pick-up take it away.

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    Oct 24, 2009
    I have a dirty floor to my coop, and a wire mesh bottom.

    The poop falls through onto the ground.

    Here there are lots of earthworms that turn around the soil and mix in the poop.

    The soil is very well drained as I mixed in river sand with it, so I never gets waterlogged and does not smell bad.

    Every few weeks I scoop out a load of this soil.....its rich and spongy and full on nutrients.

    I dig this into my garden.

    Sometimes I add a few buckets of poor quality garden soil to top up under the coop if the level is getting low, and add a little more sand (only about 4 times a year).

    It think this works so long as the soil does not get too wet - so keep it well drained.
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    "We put ours in a compost bin to be used in the vegetable garden later."

    Doesn't it stink when it gets wet in the compost bin? Compost doesn't break down well if it's dry.
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    Jul 28, 2013
    Cape cod
    How do I clean inside their run? I usually rake it but doesn't seem to work to well! Any advice?

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    If you use PDZ and DE there will be no smell. The PDZ absorbers the ammonia which is what smells. The DE keeps the flies away. I compost all the waste and then use it in my garden. All of the other methods mentioned will work also.
  9. whittychick

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    Jul 28, 2013
    Cape cod
    Ok thanks for the advice!
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    The title of this one made me giggle... Lol
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