What tools were most useful in building your coop?

Wabi Sabi

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May 28, 2010
I'm trying to decide whether to try to build a coop myself or purchase one from someone on Craigslist. I have very limited skills/experience with any sort of construction and would have to learn as I go.

If I built it myself I'm wanting to figure out what kind of tools I would need. The cost of the tools alone might end up making it cheaper to get one custom made from the Craigslist guy. I have a power drill, basic hand tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, etc.) and a jigjaw. That's it.

What other saws/tools would I need? Did you find that you needed both a table saw and a compound miter saw/chop saw? Are both kinds generally going to be necessary? What was most helpful to you when building?



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Mar 8, 2010
Mid-Coast Maine
I mostly used Power Drill for drilling and screwing, Framing Gun, and Miter Saw.
I could have used a regular hammer rather than the framing gun, but I'm glad I didn't

Definitely needed the Miter saw for cutting boards to length, but a circular saw or table saw could have worked, or even a hand saw - ugh!


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Dec 11, 2009
Well, if you are looking for a good reason to add to your tool collection - this is it!

We have built two coops in the past two years and the only tools we used in addition to what you have is a good level, skill saw, snap line, metal snips for cutting the hardware cloth, miter saw, and a couple of bandaids!
Good luck! Spend some time reading what other folks have had to say about coop design, things to do, things NOT to do! Very informative.


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May 18, 2010
Semora NC - on the VA line
I just got finished with a mini-coop / tractor (its a mini coop till I get to put wheels on it then its officially a tractor - lol )

My tools :

Power Drill
circular saw
Jigsaw (for cutting holes in the middle of plyboard - much easier then using a circular) p.s. drill large hole first then jigsaw
took me a few tries to figure that one out back in the day.
measuring tape
wire cutters

this should be all you really need in the tools department besides screws, nails, washers, and the building material.

I made my mini coop out of stuff I already had in the shed, recycled, old, and free materials I spent no more than 40$ on it and I love it except for figuring the run door out which i haven't yet - lol.

you can build a nice coop and run for a couple hundred dollars. I dont like buying any pre-fab coops as many you still have to alter to insulate and secure and add runs to them anyway.

but I got my circular saw on sale for 70$ from Lowes its electric and it is awesome.


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Sep 22, 2009
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Quote:That's what I used for my first coop build, plus wire snips. When I attacked the second project, I also bought a jig saw. Boy, that made so many things easier! But it's not absolutely necessary.

I'm a 56 year old, former couch potato. And I have constructed two coops, now. One looks like a 56 year old couch potato built it, and the second one has impressed a few men who have looked at it. Woo hoo!

But I'm also buying another coop from a real builder I found on Craigslist, because he does GREAT work (I have references and photos) and he can do the more difficult stuff my first two coops don't include.


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Jun 22, 2009
Oklahoma County, OK
I love a jig saw. I cut a lot of stuff that in the past I would have used a circular saw or hand saw if too lazy to get out the circular saw.

Hammer, circular saw, jig saw, level, power drill, snap line, big square.

ETA..Measuring tape, wire cutters
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Feb 12, 2010
Central Valley, California
ice packs
bengay ointment

But I'm an old lady married to an old man who never built anything before.

I borrowed power drill, miter saw, circular saw, level, and various hand tools from my brother who seems to have an endless supply of whatever I need in his garage! You might want to see if someone you know has the tools you might find useful, and would loan them to you instead of having to buy them. Good power tools can get kinda pricey.

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