what type of duck is this?


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Oct 26, 2012

Sorry I know this is chicken forum but one duck I thought was mallard is small he is just about 1 yr old. "Appeared in my yard as a big chick" (I'm sure some one helped him)

I want to get him a mate as he is in love with a Marin hen, & I know this can not happen. So I am not a big duck person I can not tell if he is mallard or roughen? He has no white collar on his neck. He can fly but he is NOT in any way wanting to leave. This picture is when my niece who was 2 brought him in & his food dish & wanted to take a bath with Jess Duckie that also did not happen lol
If he's small and he can fly, I'm going with mallard. I have a mallard drake myself. Anyway, if you've been raising him his whole, life, clip his wings. Just because he seems like he doesn't want to leave doesn't mean he won't - he could get startled and fly away and not find his way back. Since you've been raising him he won't know how to survive in the wild if this happens and he'll most likely die. Trust me - I learned this lesson the hard way when my other mallard flew off never to be seen again. Also, why don't you get him two or three girls if you can swing it? The proper drake to duck ratio is three ducks to a drake - otherwise he might still turn his attentions to your hens and that can kill them. You should come over to the duck section!

Oh, out of curiosity, is one of his back toes clipped off? As in, is he missing one? If so he's a domestic mallard and he's perfectly legal. If not, he's technically wild and it's illegal to keep him, so I would keep the fact that he just showed up one day to yourself. You don't want to get in trouble just because you tried to help a duckling!
I did not know there was a duck section so cool I will check it out thanks for that. Im not sure if his toe is clipped off? Sounds cruel, but I will look & see. I really know nothing much about him other then he was a decent size duckling & he just "appeared in the chicken pen" went to bed woke up & duckling was waddling around in the pen.

I was never a duck person so I would have to look at regular duck feet then domestic then his to see which he has. lol I will clip one of his wings to make sure he stays in the yard, he is a nice guy not much for being held or petted but he will come right up to me at times when the hen comes right to me some times he nibbles my ankle not hard just to get attention. So if he needs three lady ducks I shall have to find him three what ever will be best & natural for him I have already sprung for a pond..... but again I am NOT a duck person lol (slowly turning into duck person)
Lol, if you're looking to get some lady mallards for him, Metzer Farms carries them. If you go to their website you can order sexed females. They also carry lots of other breeds too, so you might end up with a couple different breeds if they tempt you :p

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