what would be a good rooster to use

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    Feb 1, 2010
    I got white ameicana hens and some weaten color and I want to know what would be the best color roo to put with them to get more of the true color americana all these girls have tuffs and some have beards most have the green legs but I got 2 with yellow legs
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    Quote:If they have green legs they are mixed breed/ Easter Eggers. You will have a hard time breeding back to the correct leg color for Ameraucana if that's what you're planning. If you just want to make them prettier and get some neat colored eggs, go with a maran or a welsummer rooster.

    If you want closer to what an Ameraucana actually looks like, I don't think there is a color that would go with both White and Wheaten.
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    Because they are not true Ameraucana you don't know what there is behind them for genetics..you will not get them to be Ameraucana no matter what you breed with so have fun with the EE and use what you like.
    Ameraucana never have green legs or yellow or tufts they are bearded come in only a few colors and have a strict breed standard..much more than I just typed

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