What's going on with her feathers?

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    I picked up three EE chicks from a farm supply store about six weeks ago. One seems to be developing a crest, or maybe has frizzling just on her head? All the feathers on her head are swooping forward. I've never known an EE to have a crest, or for a chicken to have frizzling on just her head. What do you guys think, will she grow out of it or is this super cute bouffant 'do here to stay?


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    Because the mix used to hatch EE chicks can vary widely, there is a resulting wide variety in the final product - meaning you can have clean faced EE & EE with beards, pea-combed EE & single combed EE, etc. Due to the age of your bird I would wait and see what happens once she has fully feathered out and has finished all the juvenile molts/mini-molts associated with developing their final appearance. Crested Cream Legbars can be used as the contributor of the blue egg gene and would have the chance of resulting in crested EE offspring.
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