What's killing the baby chicks???


5 Years
Oct 8, 2014
We have a chicken coop for the babies to keep them safe. It is inclosed where they are not able to get out. No noise was heard but we found 2 dead and one missing. No feathers are plucked or scattered. When you pick up the dead their bottoms are missing. Feet are there, feathers are fine, no blood or anything..... What is going on????
In egypt there are manyPredators like snakes,rats,Weasels,Hawks,Crows and cats (wild and street cats )and thats Depending on your location
Ditto ...and...what kind of wire is on your coop?

Pics of coop could help us suggest better solutions.

You state the chicks cannot get out, but need to make sure it is fortified to prevent something from getting in. Photos can help get advice on protecting them from intruders.
We live in the Sandhills of NC. They chicks were actually eaten from the inside out it looks like. My son was actually in the yard when one of them was killed heard a little noise like a snorting sound and walked around and found another one dead. I'll try to get pics of the coup but it is made with chicken wire and wooden pallets and a roof. The chickens are not being bothered or making any sound when the chicks have been killed. And there's goats near the coop in their own fence that arnt making any sounds.

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