Whats the Weirdest thing you have found in your pen...


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May 24, 2013
Here's just a fun thread for everyone to post What was the weirdest thing you found in your chicken pen. Mine is that I found a baby thrush which couldn't quite fly in my chicken pen. it must have fallen in through the wire mesh of the top of my run, but it was going berserk. I managed to pick it up and put it under a convenient hedge. I have had adult small birds fly in and out of my pen but a bird has never got stuck....

What's your story?????????
poop and lots of it

sorry Eggz couldn't resit it

i'm a newbie at this chicken gig ,so at

the moment the most thing, Ive found strange in the coop

is Blonde my leghorn doing her Harry Houdini disappearing act

but she always turns up thus far anyway lol lmao

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I think a rat that used to get orange fruits from the trees and hide them in the coop.... then ear them.... lol....
Wow I would be pretty scared for my ladies with a snake
A juvenile roadrunner, in the middle of Phoenix AZ (they're usually on the outskirts of town, and quite shy)! I got a photo of it but I can't find it right now to post....
I found a one foot black snake on the ceiling of the coop. When I scream ( I'm really scared of snakes) the snake just falls of and slithered in my direction. So my chickens Tinker and Bell (I am like their mom since I hatched them) ambush them like a gang and eat it. Is that normal?
I was startled by what came out of the chickens after I fed them red cabbage. Their poop looked like they ate something toxic. While technically not in the pen, this summer I found a dead weasel at the pen door and our cat sitting next to it. How to best dispose of a dead weasel? Buried in a rodent tunnel in the chicken pen. No sign of rodents in the pen for months.

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