What's their deal?


8 Years
Sep 19, 2011
Kalama, Washington
The last few days it has not been that cold in the evenings. My pullets seem to think that its okay to stay up late. There are some nights a 10 they are still out in their run. They have food, water, grit and oyster shell inside the coop. Maybe they like watching the neighbors washing dishes. lol
Take a real close look at your coop and see if anything has changed. If you chickens have used this coop with no problem and are now deciding to stay outside, time to investigate. Look for signs of unwanted visitors. Rat droppings means you have a rodent problem. Make sure ants aren't invading the coop. A snake or possum could make your fowl decide to remain outdoors.
Chickens are creatures of habit and if you have moved anything, your birds might be a bit nervous of the area.
My BRs are doing it to, but only occasionally. Nothing has changed in our coop. There was a mouse the other night, but our roo dispatched it with great relish!
No mites, no pests, no nothing at all. I've even caught some of the girls standing in the doorway (pop door) just stargazing sometimes!
I think what's going on with mine is that they feel secure enough to stay out and play late, then it gets too dark for them to see to get in. Then again maybe I"m wrong...

You should do a really close inspection of your coop, just to make sure.
Interesting.. I have never experienced that. Chickens naturally take cover, because they can not see in the dark. Is it not dark enough outside? Even when the days were longer, my girls and guys would be in bed by 8 pm at the latest.
Thats why I was asking if there was a light on in coop? I have a light and my birds will play around outside well after dark because the light makes them feel secure at night...
I do have a light on in the coop. There is also light from both out neighbors in the back of us and beside us. The neighbors behind us dont have a curtain on one of their windows and that are ALWAYS there doing dishes and watching my chickens. It started raining here again and I did notice the girls were worm hunting the last few nights.
Party animals. LOL You don't have a pop door. I live in the country my chickens go to bed at 530 every evening. I don't do lights. Last night the coyotes were howling I think they were scared silly.
I've had my girls do this. And my theory is the same as an earlier poster...
it seems like they accidently stayed out too late and then the coop is dark and scary to them. One of them finally gets up the courage to scurry into the dark coop and then the others will race after her.
OP said they have a light on in coop..no scary darkness for them..I think they are brave and just lazy! LOL Not ready for bed is all.

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