Whats wrong? rooster -young -getting trampled


8 Years
Mar 17, 2011
Okay so I have a young rooster. Hatched july or august I believe and the other day he was totally lifeless, we brought him inside gave him some kiefer water (sugar water not sure how to explain but supposed to be good for you, and perks chicks up really well, and chickens love it as a treat) and by the next day he perked up. We left inside another day and he was doing well, we assume/d it was just the sudden cold.
now I go out to feed the chickens and their are close to 20 around my feet, flying up on my shoulder etc. and im watching him and he is litterally just allowing them to step on him! He eats and drinks fine, I'm not sure it if its cause he's a total wimp or what his deal is. He seems to have a hard time balance a little, cause I noticed a few times him using it to catch himself. any ideas? would fattening him up help? He is really light, but so is his sister. Could his problem possibly be bad breeding? He's australorp x EE not sure who father is I got him off craigslist as a chick. Another thought was some kind of disease, but he is pretty active.
Do I just have a little wimpy boy or is there something else wrong.
Please feel free to ask any questions and I will answer to the best of my ability. I have really gotten attached to him so I want to make sure he is okay.
Elaborate on 'having a hard time balancing' - this sounds suspiciously like he has something going on there.
Okay so like he can run and stuff and stand but their are times I was watching and it just seems like he would tip over a little and have to use his wing to catch him. I watched him run and stuff, but then he would maybe lose his balance and almost fall over. Its not a problem he usually has. Its kind of hard to describe, i just know its abnormal for him.
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