Whats yur chickens' favorite roost?

6chickens in St. Charles

10 Years
Mar 25, 2009
St. Charles, IL
Our 4 banty chickens have been choosing a plastic cat-house frame to roost on (1"plastic tubes) but I want to provide the nicest possible roost in their upcoming coop design.

How wide should the roost wood be? Or would a branch be best? What diameter?

I want to catch the poops under it for my garden compost.

I made some roosts by taking two logs, drilling a hole in each and sticking a branch in the holes. the holes are 1 1/4 inches so the branches are either the same size or bigger, just take a knife and shave them down where they go into the hole. I made these because one of my chickens swollowed a screw from a roost and died. these roosts have no nails, only natural wood.

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