Wheaton Ameracauna hen?


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Okay so I DID buy these from a breeder and she said they were ameracaunas, once the were full grown I noticed none of them had solid colorings, she said they could be mixed colors. But I just figured that she was full of it and they were all EEs..... I am rethinking this..... my last girl and one of her sisters that passed away a while back looked identical and I think she is a wheaton. Can you tell me if I am right?
Clean legs, slate colored, lays a BLUE egg, bearded and muffed.

Here are a few pictures (unfortunately she has a crooked beak and I have a feeling she carries some kind of gene for it since both of the babies I hatched from her ended up with it when none of my other babies do......


(ignore the black spots that is something she got into in the yard not her coloring)


here is her Egg, BLUE


this is her and one of the roosters I sold and the one I still have (the really red and orange one)


this was Sookie she passed away last year but had the same coloring as Amelia and also layed a blue egg

ETA: If the roosters appear to be a specific color of Ameracauna please let me know...
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She's an EasterEgger.... Seems close close to Wheaten coloring, but actually not
Pretty birds, though.

Here is a wheaten hen.

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yeah I kinda figured she was an EE that is what I have been calling her, but like I said the BREEDER I bought them from said they were pure ameracauna but that the pen was full of mixed colors so I am fairly sure that is why she still has slate legs and a blue egg LOL. Oh well, she is a sweet girl anyway.
Well, I hate to say it but, sadly, there are breeders who misrepresent their birds purposefully or don't know the difference at all.

It's possible that she's non-standard, but HIGHLY unlikely. There's no reason to mix the colors as they are worth more if they are a pure bred in accepted coloration. And, in my experience it's also been a great way to sell EE's. I had three EEs that had slate legs, muffs, beards, etc that I knew were mixed, but also came from a "breeder" claiming they were pure AM. All but one of them could have passed had I not known the difference.

Are the Roosters from the breeder as well? If so, there is no question she's mixed.

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