wheaton easteregger, lethargic, limping on right leg, eyes half closed

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    Jun 1, 2010
    My Easter Egger is not well. As stated in the title, she's lethargic and when she does walk she's got a noticeable limp. She's pretty tame anyway but she'll actually sit on my lap now. I've felt the crop (I think) and its not hard...its not squishy either...I'm not even sure I'm feeling it though (I've never felt for one before). I've searched Google images, and seen pictures of where it should be, so I think I'm looking/feeling in the correct place. Also, she's keeping her eyes either closed or half closed. She eats, she drinks...just fine. I have not observed her stool so I'm not sure if they're normal or not. This has been going on for approximately 30 hours that we've noticed. I've tried examing her vent (where the egg comes out) an seems fine. Her comb is normal in color (small and red) also, it doesn't seem hot or cold. We gave her a warm bath on the kitchen sink just in case she's egg bound...finally, she's doing this weirdbthing with her beak. She opens it wide and almost sticks her tongue out. She'll do this several times in a row (I actually have a short video of this that could be posted if it would be helpful)

    So, i don't think she's egg bound (but not sure) and I don't think she has a problem with her crop...but I'm willing to massage it, should that potentially help her.

    Any advice/direction would be great.

    I tried to be as complete as I could think to be...

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