wheezing hen and meds


12 Years
Mar 5, 2007
My l year old Buff Orphington Hen has been wheezing for several days (I noticed it 4 days ago). She is in a large cage in the house (about 3 feet from me right now). None of the other chickens have this. I put Sulmet in her water but can't tell how much she's drinking. She has food/treat food and grit but is eating very little. The wheezing doesn't seem better nor worse. Her poop is dark but not esp runny. She appears healthy and until I brought her in she was a very active free-ranger.
Is the liquid Sulmet the right meds? Since she isn't drinking much she's not getting much Sulmet. COuld I give her some in an eydropper? How much? I trid to give her some liquid vitamins but don't know how much.
Without more info, I can't suggest a diagnosis. What I can tell you is that Sulmet is for the treatment of coccidiosis. It won't cure a respiratory infection. A broad spectrum antibiotic like Terramycin would probably be a better bet. If you've noticed some other symptoms an accurate diagnosis may be possible.
thanks kinnip. my flock has no other symptoms but half are sneezing. Doesn't seem serious at the moment but was wondering if this might be a sign of impending doom that I should take action on.
I wouldn't say "doom", but if that many are sneezing, you might have an illness. Ammonia build up, or mold in litter can also cause sneezing and wheezing. Is there any discharge from the eyes or nostrils? Are they laying? How do the eggs look?
To administer poly-vi-sol vitamins, give three drops twice a day. If you drop it on the beak, she should suck it up.
laying well, eggs look great. no discharge. there is a bit of an ammonia smell in the coop now. Ive been doing built up litter system but maybe its not working or I need more ventilation? they are out free range all day though and only in there at night. Ill try to remedy that first.

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