When a hen lays an egg, doesn't she cackle after she has layed it???

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Jan 26, 2010
Texas, Panhandle
I have a blue EE hen, and I had her in the feed shed feeding her. I went into the coop and when I came back she was over in the corner in a nest she had made. A few minutes after that she got off the nest, so I figured she didn't like that nest. So I go over and look in her nest that she had just been in, and there was an egg.
All my other hens cackle after they lay an egg. What is her problem??
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Like Kooshie said, it varies. Some of mine go off before, during, and after--I also have a few that are "stealth layers" that never make a sound.
Our EEs prefer that no one knows that they laid eggs.
During the summer when they free range, they love to hide their nests, and you can forget about them anouncing those secrets,

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