When can ducklings and chicks go outside during the day


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Mar 16, 2019
I have 3 week old chicks and 2 week old pekin ducklings. At what age is it safe to let them go out during the day in an enclosed shaded pen with heat lamp? They will have sufficient water and food. They are predator safe. We live in Alabama so the weather may be all four seasons in one day. I especially want to give my ducklings more space. Also, when is it safe to let the chicks and ducklings out day and night with heat lamp? The space is plenty big enough for them to huddle under lamp as well as get away from it if they prefer.


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Sep 20, 2018
Fort Myers, Florida
Now, as long as you have a smaller, safe area that they can’t explore too far. I put mine out in the yard with their food and waterer for a few hours every day. My 8 month hens free range and check on them ( eat their food) and my 3 month old peaking ducks say “ hello” and go about their business. They free range too. 5:00 is snack time and my 3 week old chicks, layers, and ducks, all have a fun feast was dried meal worms. Then I put the babies up for the night, and the others go to their houses when dusk appears.
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