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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by maybejoey, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. maybejoey

    maybejoey got chickenidous?

    I was wondering when my chicken baby could move outside.[​IMG] He/she was an accident ( I let one of my hens sit on an egg it was fall so I thought it would be to cold) But wala I had a baby chick.[​IMG] I love him/her she /he is a white silkie with black paint splashes ( full of attitude) But since it is still winter and will still be for 3-4 more months when can I move him/she out, he / she is already 1 1/2 months old?[​IMG]
  2. maybejoey

    maybejoey got chickenidous?

    I also have 13 other chickens outside ( 2 roosters 11 hens) [​IMG]
  3. maybejoey

    maybejoey got chickenidous?

  4. deserthens

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    Since it is the only one you will be moving out, I would think you should try to wait until it is about the same size as the others. I kept my young chicks next to the full grown hens in a different enclosure so they saw each other. Also how cold is it where you are?
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    In the 20's (F) But it will start to get warmer in Febuary ( maybe in the 40's (F) ) [​IMG]
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    Is it still with the mama?? If so she would be able to take care of it outside from day one.. If not I would wait til it is almost full grown, otherwise it will get picked on and it doesn't have brothers and sister to snuggle with to stay warm.
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    Quote:The mama is the mystery hen? Dont know who she is the chicken that was sitting on the gg when it hatched is basically a BAD mom. I had 5 hens that I know of sit on the egg, the layer of the egg I dont know, I just know the dad. I think it is sad that he/she has no brothers or sisters though.[​IMG]
  8. maybejoey

    maybejoey got chickenidous?

    heres a picture of him.

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    Ah, from one month + it should be fine! Although because he is by himself, I'd probably wait till he got a bit stronger. Ours have always come in pairs, so they have someone to defend them when the pecking order is being sorted out. Each of the pairs are very close. [​IMG]

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