When can I begin to purchase chicks/ eggs?

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    I was wondering when is the best time to add to my flock? When is the best month to purchase chicks? I live by Cortland, NY. Also, in addition to purchasing live chicks, I think I will be incubating again so when should I start the process for that too? Thanks in Advance!
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    If you plan to get them from a hatchery, I would plan on getting them in March or early April so that temperatures would be moderate for their travel in shipping. Earlier than that when it is too cold or waiting until summer heat can affect how many get to you healthy. If you want certain breeds now it a good time to reserve them. There are many large hatcheries around the country, but i prefer getting them from the closest one that has the breeds I want, so they are too long in shipping. Meyer hatchery in n Polk, Ohio has a good record, and MyPetChicken gets many of their chicks from them. They also have a great website full of details about the breeds along with personality, and number of eggs you can expect per week.

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