When could I expect to find someone selling Guinea hatching Eggs ?

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by kiwicampbell, Mar 11, 2013.

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    Jan 31, 2012
    I have a chicken flock and quail flock and I have one guinea that we rescued as a sole survivor when a friend's flock was attacked by a predator. She is just part of my chicken flock and she is the funniest bird I have. She referees the rooster fights and comes and knocks on my front door and buckwheats at me to bring treats and such things. I REALLY want more of these personable birds and the noise is no issue and our rural neighbors were disappointed when I only had one.... SO for my question....

    I have not been able to find anyone local to me North Mississippi/West TN that is selling hatching eggs. The hatcheries need me to order 30 keets which is more than I want. Shipped Eggs are a risk. Is it just that it is too early in the season for folks around me to have hatching eggs? When should I start to see availability? How can I find local eggs (already watching Craigslist)?

    I suspect it is too early. I have not yet seen a Guinea egg from my girl...not that it would be fertile anyway since I have no guinea guy!! I have not seen a rooster brave enough to approach that little firebrand either for a weird cross.

    So how do I find me some hatching eggs or even a smaller number of keets?

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    It is still a little early in the season (and not everyone keeps track of what their Guinea Hens are doing while out free ranging)... but you may not see any keets or hatching eggs advertised until April/May or even into the Summer. You can post a "Keets or Hatching Eggs Wanted" ad on your local CL, and put up note cards or small flyers with tear offs that have your phone # on them at all your local feed and farm stores. Also post on the Mississippi and TN threads here on BYC that you are looking for hatching eggs or keets, and check the Buy~Sell~Trade section often too.

    I agree, shipped eggs are risky. I absolutely hate shipping my eggs, and I always feel bad when the hatches suffer from the rough handling [​IMG]
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    Hi OUR GUineas started laying super early. We do have a listing on BYC under other poultry and you can click on the link in my signature and here it is for your convenience: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/...r-royal-purple-white-etc-all-running-together

    We will be glad to ship you some, just pm me here or on our farm e mail [email protected]

    Please do take a minute to read how we do ship our eggs. (it is also in our listing) We ship a bit differently than many folks. Let me know if you have any questions. Yes, our guineas beat out our geese and turkeys in their early laying!!!! Have a blessed day. Nancy

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