When do I start feeding my pullets eggshells?


Dec 9, 2020
Hi! My pullet chick is 9 or 10 week old, and I am wondering when I should start feeding her eggshells for calcium. Also, before anyone points out, yes , I know I will mash it so it is not recognizable as an eggshell. Also please tell me the quantity I should feed them per day, and how many days of the week. Also, should I also give my roosters eggshells sometimes? Please answer all these questions. Thanks in advance!
When she starts laying, you can give her eggshell (or oyster shell). Feed them free choice eggshell, they will only eat what they need, when they need it. Roosters should not have eggshell, they don't need it. He may eat a few of the egg shells, but the hens will get most of them.
I have my oyster shell (I don't use eggshells) available 24/7 for anyone who wants them. This way laying pullets and hens can decide if and when they need to supplement calcium. Young chicks and roosters might sample them but shouldn't want to eat them.

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