When do they fly? and aggressive RIR

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    I have six chicks at my house - 1 is 3 weeks old (arrived 2/07) and 5 that are 2 weeks old. I have a RIR that has feathered out her wings, tail, and now the back of her neck. She is flying all over the brooder and I am worried she will fly out. I have them in a mini- coop that is on legs - 2ft x 3ft x 2ft high - in a spare bedroom with the proper heat. When I look in, this RIR looks up and trys to fly up. I am worried she will fly right out of the coop. The RIR is also aggressive towards the other chicks in the coop - bombs right into them all the time and pecks them hard. [​IMG] I can't send her to "Auntie Carol's" for a few more days but I am worried she might hurt one of the other ones.

    Any suggestions?

    Add: The RIR is 2 weeks old
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    They're all capable of low-level flight from two weeks on. If you have a protected outdoor pen where they can spend time on nice days, they'll show you.
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    m RIR rooster was really aggressive 2!

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