When does a Roo start doing his rooing?


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Jul 8, 2007
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I'm outside with the chicks just now and hear one scream. I look and see my little Cindy Lou Who being held by the back of her neck by one of my Big Beefies (Barred Rock) and he's (got to be a he) doing the motions (you know what I mean). They're only 4 weeks old. Do roos start their rooing this early? If so, when are they actually sexually mature and capable of fertilizing a mature female?

In other words, do they mature faster? If so, at what age could I turn them out to my older girls so they'll leave my babies alone?

It was horrible. I wanted to slap him. He was so rough. I call her Cindy Lou Who, the Littlest Who, who was only two because she's the tiniest - the last to hatch and I wasn't sure she would make it she was so small. She's a blue Ameracauna.

Having never had a roo - this was a real eye opener. I think every one of the Big Beefies, all six, may be a roo so what am I going to do? Think I need to go back to feed store and buy six BR pullets that just arrived so at least there will be some females.
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O.K. I know all you roo experts are online - anyone got an answer - not like it's an emergency but I'm still in shock.
How about silkies?? My lone roo that we kept is crowing daily now but I haven't seen him courting the ladies YET.

Of course they are just now about 16 wks old or there abouts... With my standard girls it was easy to judge maturity from their comb color and size, but these silkies aren't giving me ANY clues as to their maturity.

I need to add a nest box soon, I guess!
Thanks Cynthia - I thought it was early too but what do I know? I'll tell you: absolutely nothing about roos but it was unmistakable what was taking place. Of course he wasn't all the way on her so he needs to work on his positioning but the motions were very clear.
Practice makes perfect...

Most young roos are clumsy and awkward. That's why if there is a more, uh, mature man roo around he will be the one all the girls want. It's only the seasoned and mature male who can get the job done right.

Wait...are we still talking about chickens here??!!??

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