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11 Years
Dec 11, 2010
Ok so I have a poor hen that needs a saddle for her back. My friend and I make some. I go out and put it on her and she looks so pretty. Leave the coop and all of a sudden my rooster start screaming and hollering. I ran back in thinking what got in there in just a few seconds. They are all looking at Star like she is an alien. Meanwhile she is just standing there like she is in shock. I tell everyone it is ok but they don't listen. When Star starts to walk though she is walking funny. Think the straps are to short. But anyway will they act like this everytime I put it on. Will they hurt her. Here is a pic
What do I do?
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Mine use to run backwards and flip over trying to get it off.
She'll get use to it eventually. I don't think the others will hurt her, but they might try to pick at the cloth.
Can you make one in a plain fabric that's the color of your chicken, without a lot of pattern? I think they would be less disturbed by that.

The ones I've seen had an elastic strap on each side. I think the straps went from the front to the back (or rather partway back, along the side) and looped under the wings when the chicken was wearing it.
I've made them and used elastic & snaps. I hand sewed on snaps the first time but they didn't stay on. I now use the snaps that you pound on with a hammer.
I modified this pattern a little http://backtobasicliving.com/blog/make-a-chicken-saddle/ , sizing it to my specific breed of chicken. This is the first one I made and
it didn't seem to bother anyone, I just needed to replace the hand sewn snaps with snaps that held stronger.
Ohhhh Knock Kneed Hen, very cute fabric!!! Makes me wish I wasn't at the office and could get in my sewing room and starting making my girls aprons.
That is so awesome looking. Everyone laughed when they found out my friend and I were making them for the hens. They were like what do they need them for. I explained and they laughed and said I was going overboard they are just chickens.
I think if you don't know what you are talking about stay out of my business. If you could have heard my roo's you would have sworn that something was trying to kill them. I found out why she was acting funny. The elastic was to short. So now i am making them longer and am going to go out and put them on some of my hens. Wish me luck. They are staying on now wether they like it or not.
The poor rooster was screaming because he thought she was covered in blood.

I think a more subtle color and pattern would be more readily accepted by her chicken associates.

To newchik715: Yes, overly amorous roosters can make a hen look like she got run over by a lawn mower. The saddle will help protect her from his aggressive advances.
See, i do not have a roo so I had no idea what the cute little outfits were for....thank you for explaining to me! I thought they were just cute little outfits!
See, i do not have a roo so I had no idea what the cute little outfits were for....thank you for explaining to me! I thought they were just cute little outfits!

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