when should you hear or feel chicks in egg?

I'm having the same problem. 17 blue or blue-green eggs in the bator, lockdown and all we've ever seen is the shadow and air pocket. Guess we need to buy/make a better candler.
I have never felt anything from an egg, and only heard something after the chick has pipped the air cell. But i have eggs on day 15 right now, and when I turn them they want to roll back to the way they were, because the mass of the chick pulls it back down.
Well, one thing I learned the hard way is that a couple of days before lockdown, the chicks start producing their own body heat. The egg will feel hotter than you think it should be, and temps could possible spike. I was having fits with my thermostat until I read about the body heat thing in a post on this forum. Then I felt very newbie for a while.
Thanks for everyone's comments, I built a homemade candler using a lamp and a card board box with a 100 watt bulb with 1710 lumens and still only see the air pocket everything else is just dark, well it is almost lock down, I guess I will just wait and see now. Mine do want to roll back when I turn them so hopefully that is a good sign.
I can tell you this much. With my dark eggs, all along I could see nothing. Then today, right before lockdown, BIG air cell and a blob - just like it should be!!! Don't give up!

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