When to let mama hen and babies outside?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by HeatherTheMommy, May 9, 2016.

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    May 14, 2015
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    My silkie hen had adopted 6 babied and they are currently in a mini coop with a small run attached. This coop is set up right next to my main coop. The chicks are about 2.5 weeks old now and my silkie seems to want out of the coop to free range. I have 10 other full grown hens that free range all day as well. Is it ok to let the mini coop door open to let me silkie free range as she pleases? Will she return to her babies frequently? The run in their coop now is under the coop and the babies never go outside with my silkie I think because of the long jump down. I wasnt sure if she would be able to get the babies back inside the coop if they follow her or if my older girls would kill the babies. She's the lowest in pecking order so I'm not sure how well she can protect them?
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    I let my hens and chicks free range from Day 1. I lose some chicks to predators but they are healthy and happy. When your hen goes to free range she will take her chicks with her.
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    Your setup sounds similar to mine. I took some boards and stacked them like stairs in front of the mini coop door so they could get down to the mini run (which is the underside of the main coop). I don't let them out with the other chickens yet, but my chicks are staggered with the two oldest being three weeks old and the youngest being three days old. Luckily the mama hens are taking each new addition in stride! I don't let them free range yet, but probably will soon (though I'm hoping they will be sold before too long)

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