When to start trainging Ringneck Dove Squab?

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Mar 18, 2016
Idaho, US
I currently have two ringneck doves that are going to be hatching 2 eggs in a few days. I'm going to be keeping one of the squabs (II'll choose my favorite when the time comes) I'm hoping to use that one for showmanship at my local fair. Any tips on how to and when to start training he/she/it?

(The parents are a peach(F) and a frosted(M), any guesses on coloring? Here's a pic, the male's closer)

Today is also day 10 for one of the eggs, 9 for the other
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Sorry about the misspelled title, I didn't notice until now. The two squabs are almost 10 days old now and I've started to hold them a little bit. They are already starting to preen themselves too.
now and any time you want to handle them find a treat they like and use it as a re ward for good behavior
Thanks. They are almost 4 weeks old now. Blizzard (the younger one) is the tamest dove in the cage. She'll let me carry her around and sometimes she'll eat some seed out of my hand. I think that she has an ivory mutation. She is a very light off-white with grayish-tan wingtips and the other squab (Dusty) is a dark grayish-tan and so are the parents. Both are girls. Neither have their rings yet, but I don't expect that to last much longer.Thanks again for the tip, it is working very well. Except for the fact about a favorite food, I don't think that she's decided yet. I'm going to try meal worms next.

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