When to trim or not to trim wings

Big D Tapp

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May 22, 2017
I have 2 geese and I don't know what they are. My wife wanted a pair when we went to the feed store and I did not even look to see. They are about 45 days old and they are sold white. There feathers are coming in and I was trying to find out when to start trimming wings, but in the process I read a few articles that said that they may not need there wings trimmed because of not being raised in the wild. My wife has pretty much been hands raising these 2 geese. They follow her around during feeding time and will come to her when they see her. Does anyone have any experience with whether or not to cut there wings.


Apr 1, 2015
Barnstead NH
My pilgrims can fly. Not up and over the house or anything, but up and over their four foot fence.

My favorite female is named Delta due to her tendency to soar like an airliner through the yard.

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