When will my chickens start roosting?


May 6, 2016
I've also made a roost bar for them when they were just a month old. It is about three inches high and most want to get on it. I made it out of scrap 2x4 and used a real branch as the bar. Then I added another scrap wood for an alternative roost.


5 Years
May 22, 2015
North of Phoenix
Since all the birds are the same age, that leaves issues with the roost. I've moved my chicken shelter, then we all moved, so I've had a bit of practice in making a roost that the hens feel comfortable/safe in. The first enclosure, had roost bars and it was in a trampoline pen surrounded by shade cloth, much like a shady treetop I guess. I did notice, when I "failed" to make a suitable roost in their new enclosure, the birds found their own. {they're in a predator proof enclosure, btw} I corrected my "failure" by putting up shade cloth. Maybe the pullets are saying that you don't have enough shade cloth or other natural cover in the tree tops you've created for them? I have about 18 inches-2 feet between the roost bars and the roof, or the top of the shade cloth, and shade cloth extends down to the level of the roost bar, if that helps. For SW washington and not in Arizona like I am, I'd think you'd substitute shelter for shade cloth.
Jul 3, 2018
My flock is about two months give or take. They are outside in the big girl coop and have been for a few weeks now. They have a roost that I have seen them on during the day, hoping on hanging out for a short time then hoping down.

But.... every night I go out to make sure they are in the coop,as I leave the door open to the run, and without fail they are huddled up on the floor somewhere.

I had a 250 watt light out there up until yesterday when my cozy coop heater arrived. To entice them to the roost I put the cozy coop heater next to it.

I just went out to check like usual, huddled on the floor. Away from the heater.

What gives?
I had the same question! I moved them to a beautiful spacious coop and they all huddled in a corner in a pile. I tried putting them on and they would flap off and run away.

I would see them perching on the roost during the day and i couldn’t figure it out.

I feel like it was 3 almost 4 months. They were almost full grown at this point. It felt like forever. But each night once one started someone else would give it a try.


Jul 31, 2018
Longview, Washington
Your roost bar is too close to the wall.
Omg I know....now. It seemed more appropriate when they were smaller. Never having chickens before I have no spacial sense of really anything haha

The bar their food and water is hanging from is a perfect future roost, once they can reach it and the sustenance is moved . I’m hoping they use this lower roost as a launching pad to get to the upper roost....eventually. I may move low roost or add a middle roost. Time will tell.

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