Where do I go to find good show quality silkies?

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I am not at a point yet where I can have silkies but when I can in the next few monthes or so I would like to find blue, black, and splash. What I want to know is where do I need to look for them? I have found places like Brown egg Blue egg and Hattrick silkies but I don't know if they are reputable or not. Thanks for any help!
Browneggblueegg has some of the best. I recently bought show quality silkies from Bobbi Porto. She is in Florida and has the best reputation. Check out her website it is Indigoegg.US We were lucky enough to go to her house and get a tour of her place. She is the sweetest person. She gave my granddaughter 7 day old silkies and a 3 month old pair that she considered pet quality. We also purchased some show quality for GD to show in 4H. She is out of town until the 12 but you can email her and she will get back to you. She ships all over the US and her birds win at the shows.
Thanks for the website!! It's PACKED full of fluffins
Just want I want!!
oh there are quiet a few members here that specialize in silkies, just do a search of silkie genetics colors and you will quickly see who the SQ breeders are just by their responces and tons of knowlege.

eta Poulets De Cajun I believe is selling a few I would contact him
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My Buffs are Mihalik/Porto lines. My Splash are all from George. I have a few Splash juveniles (4-5 months old) that I will be selling soon, around that time. They are (IMO) SQ from what I can tell so far, but I never sell them under 6 months old, so I know for sure. If you want Ooh-La-La Silkies, you want George Mihalik, Bobbi Porto, Flufnstuffs, HatTrick, Alan Stanford, Peekaboo, Fawkes' Feather, K-D, Hi-Ho, Chickedee, Golden Egg, Bren's Cozy Silkies, etc... I'm sure I left out a few. This should get you started anyway.
I have been to Bobbi Porto's house. She does not just sell anything that pops out of an egg. Here in Florida she has a very good reputation and she does ship all over the country. I have seen her birds, coops and have toured her brooder room. Everything was as clean as could be. All her birds were beautiful. What amazed me was how friendly each bird was. She could go into a coop and the birds were right there to be picked up. This tells me that she spends alot of time with them. Anyone can have a bad hatch,things do happen. People will also try to cheat you so its Bobbis word against that person who reported her. I for one would not hesitate to buy any of her birds. We just recently bought more from her this past weekend. They are all doing wonderfully. Another thing when she told us and showed us the birds she considered "pet quality" We purchased both SQ and pet quality for my granddaughter. So far the show quality is living up to the breed. Of the many many birds Bobbi sells and ships, one negative report doesn't surprise me.
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