Where do they get these people from?! TSC


11 Years
May 23, 2008
Peterborough, ON
I went into the TSC today to buy Virkon to clean out the animal sheds and the lady at the counter goes to me "is this an animal supplement? cause i have to write down the batch number" im like O__O uhh... I wouldn't feed Virkon to MY animals....

Where on EARTH do they get these people from? And WHY don't they at least train them to identify things like disinfectants vs. supplements. I mean, the bottle SAYS on the label "disinfectant" ... is it REALLY that difficult?

ETA: TSC Canada, as in The Incredible Country Hardware Store... hilariously never in the country...
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Some of the TSC people amaze me with their stupidity and ignorance.
they all have to start out somewhere
I was that dumb once upon a time... OK, dumb is harsh but you know what I mean
You should have seen her harrassing the guy in front of us about his seed potatoes
She couldn't figure out despite him saying multiple times what kinds and how many of each, what to enter...
I wish it was that simple. Our TSC is in the middle of a city, they don't carry shavings anymore (well they have like 5 bags in the "horse" section), they don't carry a goat feed anymore, the excuse for a livestock aisle smells like rotting vegetation at the moment, there is like one castrator band set, 2 bottles of virkon, and a bunch of chicken waterers that have had the little black caps taken off them down there with some rat bait.

They don't have any gates aside from an enormous 20 footer or a 4 footer... They once asked me if I really needed an 8ft gate, they had a 4ft one.. WHAT? This was *after* I had paid for an 8ft gate.. They never hire anymore with any animal knowledge, not even dog! Sighhh
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lol Mahonri, she's not new... she's been there for a while, as long as I can remember. My old TSC had at least a horse knowledgable girl but even that was in the city. The only reason I was there was to buy the virkon because my local co-op had this stuff that smelled like it could burn through the floor lol.
It's becoming really spooky to me. I walked by the chicken bins only to see cold and dying chicks. I was given a couple of them for free just to hVe them die in my hands. After all that, when I check out they want your address and phone nr because I'm purchasing chicks, what's up with that? It's a conspiricy !
lol Canadian TSC stores don't carry chicks or ducklings as far as I know, so at least we don't have any dying animals.. though I'm thinking something died in their venting system because it reeks down the livestock aisle at mine. I thought I was going to hurl.
oh don't get me wrong, if they are a new face and I even think they may be new to TSC, I cut them ALOT of slack, but I am referring to folks who have been working there for 2 years...that I KNOW of...they ACT like they have never been on real grass much less out to a barn.

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