where is the best place to buy seramas? soon to b 4-h member


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May 17, 2009
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i have been searching the web for the best place to buy SQ seramas and it seems like jerry is the best person to get them from. i am also going to start 4-H soon( i think) and he has a rly nice offer for 4-H members. has anyone gotten birds from him or used the 4-h offer. does every recommend him. thank u
however to add to my flock i wanted to get eggs along with my started pair so i could have good different blood lines for breeding. where would b the best place to get those?
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"Rizq" has Serama hatching eggs. She is on BYC. She has beautiful birds. I just bought some Serama eggs from her and they are in my incubator now. She is a joy to work with and does an awsome packing job. Just got to the serach BYC member section and you should find her.
I got my seramas from Jerry also. But I only have 1 hen and she just hatched her own babies, so no eggs right now. My cousin also has Seramas from Jerry, she has a few hens laying right now. Her name is Critter Crazy. I will send her this link, and maybe you can contact her. Hope this helps..
No matter where you get your birds, please do all your research on type, and what to look for.
Read read read read read and then talk to breeders to see if you get it!
No matter what Jerry sells----
-- he probably keeps his best to breed and show (of course, everyone does!)
----- sells the next best for big bucks and has to make sure those birds are quality, or he will lose customers
----gives away older breeders (probably good), or birds that are pet quality (culls) or not typey/way too large

He gives away Cull D class pairs for the cost of shipping, and I dont think thats right. D class birds do not produce many smaller birds, and are usually not as typey. The people that get those, breed them and we lose some of the size and type as those birds circulate their offspring.

You can find tons of breeders with excellent birds on the yahoo group Seramas...
South Carolina has a bunch of dedicated breeders, and you could get great A and B class birds for a fraction of the cost Jerry sells his good ones for.

I'd love to help you out, but I will only have them in the fall..I have 40 something chicks at various ages...and try not to sell them until they are older and I can cull and match up pairs...pick out the best for myself for nest year, lol

*** For those of you that have received his birds, I would really be interested to learn more about it. From the ones that I have seen friend's get, they were either a couple of years old, not the best type or size.... I still dont know anyone (other than some of the big Serama breeders) that have actually bought an A or B class pair of his birds....
Please let me know your experiences! Thanks!!
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oo other ? on his website under type A it states that the fertility rate is rly low! is this true? o and everyone who got chickens from jerry can u tell me what type u got and what type of offspring they produced if u bred them
Type a seramas normally have low fertility, so don't believe people selling eggs from all a parents. I got breeding/show type, depends on who you ask. Very good for the cost of shipping.
PersonnallyI likethe giving away of culls. It is what I do, I am softhearted and wouldn't be able to kill any. I make it clear that they are CULLS, not good serama.

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