Where should we go on vacation this year? SC, TN, or WV?

Where should we go on vacation?

  • Charleston, SC

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  • Gatlinburg, TN

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  • Cass, West Virginia

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Elizabethtown, NC
Surprise - the hubby was granted his vacation days this year in June! So, we would like to take a short vacation (3-4 days) before the baby is born in November. We have narrowed the list down to 3 places. In order from closest to farther-est away:

1. Charleston, SC: Closest drive ~3 hours away, historic places to visit, good eating, never been.
2. Gatlinburg, TN: ~6 hours away, loads to do in the area, been several times, got married in Pigeon Forge.
3. Cass, West Virginia: ~8 hours away, remote mountain area, day-long coal burning train ride, I've been several times but he's never been.

So, what do ya'll think? Let us know by voting and/or commenting! Thanks for your help!

ETA: We already have a dependable farm sitter set up.
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Sort of really depends on what you like to do?

I don't like amusement parks for instance.

I do like trains.

And I like caves...such as up and down Virginia and not far
from Cass. Civil War sites?
My daughter and the grandkids went to Charlston this spring, it was lovely. So much to see, and do. We even saw the dophins feeding in the bay! I would visit there again.
We drove thru Gatlinburg on the way there and it is so much of a tourist trap that I could not see myself having that much fun there. but if you have children and lots of money I am sure it would be fun.
We normally go to Gatlinburg every year. We only go to eat at the Smokey Mountain Brewery, to go hiking the trails in the area, and spend time in the arts and crafts community. We DO NOT waste our money on all of the touristy crap. We don't even go to the outlets in Pigeon Forge. We see enough of that when we go to Myrtle Beach, which is a 1.5 hours away.

We are outdoorsy folks and look for stuff to do that is free or cheap, such as hiking, tours, etc.
Really, consider the many caves in Virginia. I think they're
pretty much in a line? Not overly far from Cass WV.

And since you're coming this way, can you swing Em's Emu Farm
and pick me up a batch of brownies? I'll meet you in Charleston.

But whats all in Elizabethtown to see?

I think I read or heard of a new dinosaur show at the COSI in Cincinnati
this year?

I live just down the road from Bob Evans Farm Homestead, which is a big
tourist attraction, although I don't know why. But they do have a nice
Chicken Festival every year. Ever heard of their Chicken Flying Contest?
Or the mens Chicken Leg Contest?
Charleston is also expensive. The bed tax alone is something like 10-12% now.
Check online, I might be over.
The food is wonderful, just be sure you get fresh seafood at a restaurant, some places sell frozen from overseas.
The carriage rides are worth every penny! Fun way to see the historic downtown peninsula area.
Architecture is remarkable, people are mostly friendly and pleasant.
Be prepared to walk a lot, traffic is awful on the tiny, often one way, streets.
Hit the beaches, but be prepared to pay for parking and fight a crowd.
It's already pretty hot and humid, the blooming shrubs are mostly done now, but it's still very pretty.

As Harlan said, dolphins in the harbor, beach sunsets, fresh seafood, all that and more!

Oh, and be sure to let me know, we live about 30-40 miles south of Charleston, in Hollywood! Always up to meeting another chicken tender. We can go to my favorite seafood dive, Bowen's Island. Bring your own Sharpie, so you can sign the walls.
I pick Cass! lol Lots of caverns and caves here in WV too!! You won't be far from Snowshoe resort either and they have lots of things going on in the summer time I believe.

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