Where'd all the french fries go???


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And I mean good ones. McDonald's changed their oil and they don't salt them anymore, Carl's Jr (Hardee's) changed their fries and they are HORRID. Where are all the good french fries???
guess you have to cook your own

but i know what you mean. i usually get onion rings or tator tots if i can. but we don't eat much fast food.

Here's what ya do....

You take a cookie sheet or two and put some oil across the bottom...just to grease it, not to float it.

You slice a couple of potatoes thin or thicker...how ever you like them...you get a plate of flour and add seasoning if you like and flip the taters in there.

Then in a single layer at 375* about 10 minutes a side...you got your very own and my kids like to help.

Our mc'd's had too salty fries the other week and then I got my girls meals the other day and their food was cold. And the oil was gross tasting, like they had used old oil.

Very much a disappointment, but hey, we got the lullabye league Wizard of Oz dolls and that completes our set. Who needs to eat when you get a toy?

ha ha.

We don't eat much fast food, but this morning I discovered that the kids had eaten all the food in the fridge we had saved for lunches! So I went around looking. I just want decent fries when I actually pay for them.
pretty sad, the local places of business that want returning customers and care about what they produce, they will have the best french fries, hamburgers, sandwiches, soups, etc.

the others just want to attract the masses thus padding there pocket book.

I refuse to eat the fast food fries anymore.
Just because some people have no self control all of us must suffer. The Wendy's ones are the absolute worst here. I swear they are always cold and kinda soggy. Blech. Right to the dog or the girls they go. I usually dont bother ordering them.

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