which duck???


10 Years
Oct 2, 2009
Can somebody help me choose which duck/s i get plz? Ive already bought the incubater, here it is:


Its the R-COM Mini Incubater

Im going to buy the hatching eggs from ebay, will they hatch OK if i get them from ebay? anyways can you help me choose....

- The duck needs to be quiet, i dont mean all the time obviously but i dont want one that never shuts up lol

- I dont have a pond but im gonna get a huge paddling pool thats deep too obviously i cant have one that needs a pond

-Im gonna buy a duck house for in the back garden, i already know which one and its pretty huge but i was thinking the smaller the duck the better coz then they have more space

so which one suits me best?

ps has anybody tried the rcom mini incubater? does it work, and are eggs bought from ebay OK for hatching?

1. The smallest ducks are Call Ducks, unfortunately they tend to be quite loud. The quietest ducks we have are the Runners. The loudest are likely a tie between the Rouens and the Swedes.

2. All ducks like to swim, near as I can tell. How are you planning to keep the pool clean?

3. Again, the smallest ducks are Call ducks but generally the recommendation is 10 square feet per duck in the pen & 4 square feet in the shelter. How big is the duck house going to be?

I'd recommend buying a copy of "Storey's Guide ro Raising Ducks" by Dave Holderread.

For what it's worth - we have 13 ducks. 4 Campbells, 1 Runner, 2 Rouens, 2 Swedes, 2 Magpies and 2 Anconas.

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