Which is a better choice a oldenglsh bantam or a d'anver Belgian?


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my mom has told me that I can get a few bantams and I like both these breedsbut I think I would be alot easier if I just go one so I would like you oppent on which breed you think is better for show and better suited to Kansas wheather


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My son got some of each for 4-H this past spring. Honestly, he loves both breeds, but has decided to stay with the d'Anvers and let the Old English go. The main reason for this is that for show the Old English roosters need to be dubbed.

So far, both breeds have been handling this winter well here in Ohio. We have had a few nights down in the single digits, but expect it to get colder.

Sorry, I can't give much info to choose one over the other, due to a short time with them. From our experience, both have been very good breeds.

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Old English Game Bantams are a lot of fun. That would be my choice. When my sons were young we showed Old English Game Bantams. If you plan to show them I would start with the solid colors like the Blacks would be good. When you get into the BB Red Old English you will be going up against Breeders who have been developing their stock for years. I don't know if it is still like this but here in this area there used to be Old English Bantam shows where you would have an exhibition hall filled with Old English only. My sons and I won a Grand Championship with a Black Old English cockerel out of a show of 1052 birds. I think you will enjoy the Old English better.
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OLD ENGLISH GAME BANTAMS I just recently after two years of research talking emailing looking at shows you name it trying to figure it our for myself. THe only thing I have to agree with 4H dad in saying the OEGB must be dubbed in order to show, however my feeling towards this and this again is just MY feeling, when raising a HERITAGE breed you want to do just that stick with it's heritage. I have the Quail variety and can honestly say they are some of the coolest birds I have owned they have such a great personality.

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If you chose the Belgian D'Anvers depending on where you are Boggy Bottom Bantams has really nice D'Anvers in EVERY imaginable color.
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