Which new pet should I get?

Which new pet should I get??

  • Tarantula - Sling

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  • Millipede!

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Jan 13, 2019
So.............I've been wanting a small, low maintenance pet that can live on my desk for some time now. Initially I wanted a tarantula, and I still do, but I'm a little daunted that I'd have to raise some type of feeder insect to sustain it (we live quite a ways from town, and wouldn't want to drive in just to buy one or two insects). So anyways, vote on the poll which pet I should get! Or if you have other ideas of low maintenance, small-space pets, let me know! Also, I already have gerbils so i don't think I would want more small rodents, but maybe you can change my mind?
I have 3 tanks a tiny, small and large.
The really small one is great. 1, 70% water change weekly. The snails keep the algae down and so do the plants.
I'll ping a pic across in a mo..
Would highly recommend it!!

Edited with pic:

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