Which Rooster to Keep & Which to Send Where? WARNING: Graphic photos


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Mar 2, 2009
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We have 16 chickens, breeds below. So far we know we have 2 silkie roos and 1 white crested polish. I would like to keep one of the silkie roos. They seem to both be still on the calm side so I would keep the blue one and send off the partridge/blue cross.

I have a friend who would like a rooster. She has 8 hens ranging in age from 2 to 6. All are RIR and similar standard breeds. Which roo would be the best fit do you think? The WCP or the silkie? Her chickens free range in the warmer months and she has a really great run under a barn where they can roost in the rafters if they choose. The free ranging makes me lean towards giving her the silkie. What do you think?

Then what are my options for the extra one? Would a silkie or WCP roo be worth putting on craigslist? They would have to be for free right?

Other ideas?

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I personally wouldn't give either roo to your friends flock I think they would be injured or killed by them. This is what the one we had did to our 2 Polish boys overnight and 2 other bantams.I didn't want them in the first place from what I had read about them but Dad's G.ma had em' when he was a kid sooo.Silkies & Polish I think are to sweet & small for Rhodies,but that's just me.
The WCP's crest would make it hard for it to spot predators. For that reason, I'd give your friend the silkie.

Since they are mature hens, the silkie would need to be mature and confident in his abilities or the hens will possibly pick on him. It is not a sure thing that they would hurt him, but it is possible. Putting any chicken with a mature flock carries the same risks, not just roosters with hens, but immature added to mature carries higher risks. People successfully do it all the time, but there are risks as those photos show. His ability to dominate the hens, which he does by mating them, is his greatest protection. Also, he has to be able to establish his dominance to perform his duties as a flock leader. If he is mature enough to do this, he will be OK.

I've never offered a Polish rooster on Craigslist, so I cannot advise you on that. They are striking chickens.
The silkie roo I would give her is 22 weeks old and already beating up the other silkie roo. He is starting to try to mate but not very successful since the girls all run away. His options are limited here. I am not sure I can give him more time to mature.
Now I am worried about putting either on craigslist.
Try advertising on here for people in your area then Craigs if no bites.The pics I added the boys were older than the 2 girls that got them,I think cuz they're a more active breed and can see better the Poles were easy targets.We have multiple Polish boys together with very lil sparing.If the Silkies fiesty enough you can try it ,just tell her to keep an eye on him for a while.I just know with ours they were halfish the size as the Rhodies.I think it's a hit or miss with the Rhodies as to their temperment.I still wouldn't do it if I could help it,again that's just in my case.Those Polish just can't see well enough to really defend themselves if there's a meanie.Hope it works out for ya though.

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