Which rooster to keep?


12 Years
Mar 10, 2010
Richwood , Ohio
My flock of Buckeyes(24) are 17 weeks old now and there are too many roosters. I found someone to process the extra roos for me, but now I need to decide which one gets to stay. Several are bigger and a couple are smaller than the others. So far, none have exhibited extreme bad behavior or docile good behavior. I would like to raise some chicks if a hen decides to brood . So should I keep the biggest roo,for good breeding stock, or does it matter? One of the smaller roos is a little calmer, but that might be because the big guys chase him. I hope it doesn't turn out that the one to stay is the fastest cause I couldn't catch him.

thanks, mrkep


10 Years
Jul 25, 2009
Darnell, Louisiana
mrkep, are you going to raise Buckeyes for showing? If so, I'd choose the roo that best represented the standard for that breed. If you're keeping them for say, eggs or meat, I'd just choose the one that I took a fancy to. I don't know anything about Buckeyes, but I figure that would pretty much go for any breed. I myself just have a mixed-breed flock for now. We have them for eggs and meat. So when I decide to keep a roo that I've hatched out, well, I just go with my gut feeling. Now, come spring, I plan on getting some purebreds. Anything I keep off them, I will want to best represent that breed. Good luck with making the choice that is best for you.

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