White Bearded Silkie Eggs

Three Cedars Silkies

11 Years
Apr 17, 2008
Gainesville, Fl.
Up for your consideration are an even dozen hatching eggs from our white pen. Living in this pen are 3 gorgeous girls and their main man, Socrates. We have hatched some gorgeous babies from this pen recently.

We are NPIP certified and the certificate will be provided in the box. By bidding on this auction, you affirm that you understand that we cannot guarantee your hatch rate, nor the condition in which the eggs will arrive to you. Because an egg is "clear" does not mean that it is not a fertile egg. We are running 100% fertility in this pen in our incubators and are hatching regularly.

We do an excellent job packing the eggs so they can make the safest journey possible to you. We are hatching some gorgeous chicks from these pens and certainly hope that you will as well.

Shipping is $10.00 priority mail.






Yes. I keep the juveniles on white play sand after they reach about 4 weeks until they are about 4 months. The poop dries just about the instant it hits the sand. We keep it about 1/4 - 1/2 inch thick and replace it every 10 days or so...depending on how many juveniles are in the coop. We also use a sieve between changing the sand and clean it.
Very good idea, I might have to try it. Shavings sure aren't that great.

Thanks so much, your have gorgeous birds. I really want some Silkies, but I have no room period!

~ Aspen

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