White feathers on gold laced Polish


Apr 9, 2020
Hi, does anyone know why my gold laced polish would start getting white tips on the ends of some of her crest feathers? It's like she had a fright and her hair went gray!
OK, they are not great pics but here. You can see one feather that's coming in all white, and others on the other side of her head have developed white tips. Pardon the hack job, I trimmed her crest so she could see, and it's my first chicken hair cut.
I know this is an older thread, but I have a golden laced polish with a few white tipped feathers like this too and was also wondering if it was normal. I haven't had her from a chick though, so I'm not sure if she has always had a few white feathers or if they just grew in that way as she aged.

I kinda like it, personally, she's got a calico hairdo! But I can see how it might be frustrating if you are trying to breed or show, maybe. Not sure what the color standards are to be honest.
Gold Laced should not have any white feathers, but they are used to create other colors like Tolbunt and Candy corn. Or even to white Crested colors in color mixed flocks. Not many pure Gold Laced flocks around.
I read somewhere else that the feathers might have been damaged in the pin stage. So maybe she got picked on. I'll know more after she molts next fall!
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