White Jersey Giant Roosters for sale or trade in Northwest Missouri

Dec 8, 2020
I am selling my White Giants for 15 each. I might be willing to trade for a hen if she is the type I need. I'm located in Northwest Missouri and can't deliver far so pickup is the best option. This is a bargain for these guys. They are supposed to grow to 13 lbs each and are often called a triple purpose bird. Great for sustainable flock producing meat and hens lay very large eggs they say. These birds are just maturing and crowing will be a year old later in the spring around May probably or so. They are still growing and are beautiful big white birds with bright red combs and wattles. If your interested please let me know on here I'll try and check back. I do have ads out and have sold a few to people in Missouri and Kansas and have had calls from Iowa for them too.

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