White Leghorn Roosters


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Aug 13, 2016
I'm pretty new to the whole chicken community, and I've acquired quite a few of Leghorn Roosters. Today I acquired a Cochin Bantam Rooster, and I've noticed their personalities are COMPLETELY different. While my Leghorn, Earl, will flog me every chance he gets, my Bantam, Batman, just snuggles up next to me. My question seems to be, are all Leghorns a very feisty type of Rooster, and if not, how can I get him to calm down. He's about 5 months old, and crows - NONSTOP. He's very mean to all my pullets, and my other roosters. But I seem to only have problems out of my Leghorns. Although my Leghorn pullet is just as kind as can be.
Leghorns are feisty birds.

do you have a plan for these guys? I'm not seeing the percentage in keeping them if they're so disruptive. At 5 months, they're about as big as they're going to get if you're looking to butcher. If you're wanting to keep one for breeding, cut it down to one, now. And don't keep or breed one that flogs you.

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