White Rock vs. Orpingtons?

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    i have two very large English Orpington hens whom I really love. They're huge and fluffy, generally curious and friendly, and they are. Is each laying 4-7 pale brown eggs weekly. Can anyone tell me how a White Rock hen compAres to an Orpington? Barred Rocks seem somewhat smaller than my Orps; Are White Rock hens built more like a fluffy Ofpington or a a bit leaner like a Plymouth Rock? Also, when do White Rocks tend to mature and what's their egg production like? Last, the store selling the White Rock chicks in our town claims they've all already been sexed as pullets at the hatchery. Was this sexing likely done via vent or are there feather or other way to determine the gender of a White Rock chick? Thanks!
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    Mar 3, 2015
    White rocks and Barred rocks are the same breed just different coloring. Mine are on the leaner side (like a Barred rock) and lay a good amount of eggs through out the year. I have had Orpingtons and Plymouth rocks (barred rocks, white rocks, ect.) and I loved them all! I hope you if you get them you enjoy them as much as I do!
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    White rocks and barred rocks are both Plymouth rocks, but lines can vary. I've seen some huge white rocks at shows that were certainly over the standard. The Orpington standard calls for birds that are 1/2 lb bigger than the standard for rocks. The Orpingtons have a lot more feather on the legs and tail cushion which helps with their more rounded appearance, while the tighter feathered rocks have cleaner lines.

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