White Sussex or Light Sussex?


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I hatched out 14 Light Sussex chicks and I have 7 boys and 7 girls. All the boys are white with the black feathers and so are 2 of the girls. But 5 of them are completely white. I thought they'd get the black when they were older but they are now 11 weeks with still no black. I looked up White Sussex and how you bred them because I wondered that if you hatched Light Sussex you could get White Sussex from them but I couldn't find any information.

Where did you get the eggs? Its possible they could molt in the black later. But they could also stay white. It depends on the parentage.
They could molt in the black later or stay white. I've seen it many times with my Columbian Wyandottes. Technically they would be White Sussex, but the do carry the columbian pattern genes.
I'm confused. Your hens are Light Sussex, right? What are your roosters? If your roosters are Light Sussex, you can have Light Sussex Chicks. If your roosters are something else, you've got mixed breed chicks.

Can you post pics of the parents and chicks?
My hens are definitely pure Light Sussex and my cockerel is definitely pure Light Sussex too. But the 5 of the pullet-chicks are ( still ) pure white with no sign of any black markings and I'm not sure if the are Light Sussex or not.

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