Who else loves their Orps? Orp lovers and Orps ONLY Thread. If you are going to hate on Orps, you aren't allowed.



Aug 16, 2020
I love my orps, and I know lots of others here too, but it has come to my attention that if we want to talk about orps without being hated on, we need our own thread, so here it is. You can talk about your orps, and how much you love them, post pics and tell stories about them. I will not allow hating on eachother in this thread, or on the way any of us take care of our chickens.
So far I've only had buffs and lavenders, but my longtime favorite breed is Buff Orpingtons!!! My buffs have always been the sweetest girls in the coop. I just recently acquired 3 6 week old lavender Orpingtons (1 cockerel, 2 pullets), for only $6 a bird, and I am so excited about them! Ive only ever raised hatchery grade birds, so not sure if I can be considered a true orpington enthusiast, but I have loved the ones I've had!
I got mine on purpose.
And boy do I regret it.
Trust me, I’m no Orp hater.
But I hate Melody, and she happens to be an Orp.

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